over quantity

Ready-to-wear products
with custom tailoring quality


made to fit size perfectly


Hand cutting of each piece provides perfect and comfortable fit of the dress.


from threads to fasteners

Quality Materials

We use only high-quality materials on all stages of production, from threads to the fasteners.


custom made

Italian Fabrics

Our dresses are made from custom made Italian fabrics. Italy holds the unquestionable supremacy of the textile market worldwide. Italian textiles and fabrics are famous all over the world for their high quality obtained through innovative machinery, techniques and processes that lead to the introduction of always-new fashion fabrics and textiles.


we don’t hide what’s inside


When you are wearing our dresses, you don’t need to worry that the liner will “look out to say hello” to the first comer . It definitely knows its place, and will not cause any discomfort.


dress form fitting

Custom tailoring quality

We are a boutique company, which employs only professional tailors. Therefore, each product is individually sewn on the mannequin and passes at least 3 stages of fitting. This ensures an exact match to the design and the stated size of the product.


carefully crafted

Attention to details

We are perfectionists and strive to ensure that every line, every seam, every corner are decorating product and are the epitome of design. And allowances and thickenings do not hurt the eyes.


special sewing technology

Perfect & Strong Stitches

We use a special sewing technology to achieve the thinnest possible but durable seams, even in the most complicated parts of the dress. You won’t find such technology in products of any famous fashion brands. Because it dramatically increases the tailoring time. Brands simply would not be able to fill thousands of its stores around the world with the clothes of such quality.


we check every stitch

Quality Control

The small size of our company and work in a cohesive team, allow us to track and eliminate even the smallest shortcomings at any stage of development. So the quality control is maintained throughout the entire development process, from the fabric cutting to the labels sewing.